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MARICA laminate is a brand from Shanghai MARICA Decoration Materials Factory, specializing in the production of various types of medium and high-end fireproof boards.
The company's production base is located in Suzhou, China. All the raw materials are sourced from multiple countries such as China, United States, and Germany to ensure excellent quality and consistent color. Our company not only has distributors and branches in multiple cities in China, but also in many overseas countries like the United States, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Qatar, Indonesia and Thailand. 
Our laminates include matte, high gloss, pearl suede, anti-static, and post formed curved boards. There are hundreds of colours and pattern. We produce laminated in 1220x2440mm, 1300x2440mm, and 1220x2800mm. The thicknesses ranges from
0.5mm to 18mm. We are suitable for various types of furnitures veneer, hotels, office buildings, residential buildings, kitchens, and various indoor and outdoor decorations. 

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